>> Driving & Hiring Tips

  • Hire from a reputable car hire company that can provide you with assistance during your rental in the event of a problem. A good provider will also offer a choice of branches for pick-up and drop-off.
  • Booking agents are able to offer lower rental rates than hiring directly with the rental company. In addition, rates from booking agents usually include unlimited kilometres rather than paying per kilometre.
  • Rentals are charged for in 24-hour units from the time and date of pick-up. For example, a vehicle collected at 3pm would need to be returned by 3pm on the final day of the rental to avoid being charged for an entire extra day.
  • The fuel tank will be full on collection. You can either choose to refill the tank before you return the vehicle, or alternatively the hiring company will refill the tank and then charge you accordingly.
  • Book your car as far in advance as possible. Vehicles are limited and get 'sold out', especially during peak holiday periods.
  • Most rental companies require the driver of the vehicle to be in possession of a credit card. This need not neccessarily be the same credit card that was used to pay for the vehicle, but a credit card is required for validification purposes and a 'hold' will be placed on the driver's credit card to cover any additional charges.
For more on driving in South Africa, and South Africa's roads, see Road Rules and Safety.


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